Have you decided that going to Sunday School or Life Discovery class is a big waste of time? Maybe you started skipping because you were constantly running late on Sunday mornings, or perhaps you started a new church and just never got connected with a class. Whatever your reasons, Sunday School isn’t just for the kiddos! There are lots of reasons why connecting with a small group or class can benefit your life in ways you haven’t even thought of. For example …

1. Develop a Sense of Belonging

Even the biggest churches seem smaller when you attend breakout sessions. If you’re longing for a little country church where “everybody knows your name,” Sunday School or Life Discovery class is just the thing for getting to know people one-on-one. People tend to listen and leave in “big church,” but small groups usually linger in classrooms and get to know one another personally. Before long, you’ll start recognizing familiar faces in the sanctuary, and those people will introduce you to other people … soon you’ll fit right in, even in the largest of churches!

2. Get to Know Your Community Better

Where’s the best place to get an affordable, stylish back-to-school haircut? Which local vets specialize in exotic pets? Who’s available to cut grass during the summertime, or babysit for your date nights? Sunday School is a great place to get to know people, places, events, and other local conveniences. There may not be a pediatric dentist in your class, but you can bet there will be at least one person in there who knows one!

3. You Can Ask Questions!

Sermons are one-way communication. In Sunday School class, you can ask questions. What are spiritual gifts? Why do we still follow some Old Testament laws but not others? What does the Bible say about discipline and immigration and economic policy? Sunday School and Life Discovery class is where you can ask those pressing questions and gain a deeper, more comprehensive understanding of the Bible and what it means for our daily lives.

4. Join Others in Prayer for Specific Needs

Do you often leave church feeling like you still have needs that are unmet? In Sunday School, class members talk about their lives. They share their needs, goals, and worries with one another, and they take time to pray for the needs and concerns of individuals. If your heart is heavy about an illness, a wayward child, or another issue, Life Discovery class is the best place to get the prayer, support, encouragement, and guidance you need.

5. Get Different Perspectives on the Bible & Faith

Because Sunday School allows for open discussion and questions, you can gain perspective from a number of different people — all from different backgrounds and differing walks of life. You can even choose what group you fit best in. Some classes are made up of people who were once Atheists, or who love to ride motorcycles, or who have small children. Others are an interesting mix of different people with different perspectives on life and faith. You can learn so much by spending time in one of these small groups.

6. Socialize Your Kids in a Safe & Nurturing Environment

Are you in desperate need of some “adult time”? During Sunday School, you can place your kids with loving, nurturing caregivers, while you get some one-on-one with big people. Your kids will thrive there, learning fun Bible stories that will benefit them for the rest of their lives. Kids learn how to sit still, pay attention to the teacher, ask questions in an orderly fashion, and even share books and toys — all the skills they need to succeed in school and in life.

At Eden Westside Baptist Church, we have dozens of Life Discovery (Sunday School) classes to choose from, including a diverse mix of classes.   Whether you’re a young adult, married, single again, senior adult, have youth, children or preschool, it’s the best place to be!

Join us at Eden Westside Baptist. One church — two locations!

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