Families Count Ministry:  Every year, about 650,000 children around the country are taken away from families who cannot care for them and placed in foster care. Some cases are due to drug or alcohol addiction, others to domestic violence or abuse, and still more are due to parents struggling with severe poverty, who are unable to provide basic necessities like running water, power, garbage collection, food, and clothing.

Families Count Ministry

Unfortunately, Eden Westside Baptist Church can’t help all those kids, but we can and do offer help to some of these parents and children here in St Clair County. Through a program called “Families Count,” Eden Westside partners with local social workers to provide a weekly parenting class for families who find themselves in drug court, faced with losing their kids to foster care.  The ultimate goal for this program is simple:  to help parents reunite with their children to form successful, happy. well-functioning family units.

Families Count Ministry at Eden Westside Baptist Church in Pell City, Alabama: Every year, about 650,000 children are taken away from families who cannot

During this 6-week class, parents learn the basic skills of preserving their family units. Families Count is a faith-based, Christ-centric alternative to secular family restoration programs. In addition to these free classes, families are provided with dinner, free of charge, as well as safe, nurturing childcare during the time they’re in class.

Families Count Ministry

How can you help? Eden Westside is looking for Life Discovery classes or individuals willing to provide all or part of a meal to serve to these classes each week.

Additionally, our nursery and children’s departments need extra hands on deck during these class sessions to help with the extra children.

Finally, you can pray! Pray for Bro. Scotty and Christina Pinson as they teach, love, and nurture these parents. Pray for the Eden Westside workers caring for these children, that they would be able to show them the attention and affection they need during this difficult time for their family. Pray that these families find hope and grace in our Lord Jesus Christ.

If you can help with a dinner for our Families Count classes, please contact Bro. Scotty Pinson at 205.338.7711, ext. 229 or 205.369.7824.  To volunteer your efforts with child care, please contact Paulette Bowman at ext. 237 or LeighAnne Jones at ext. 242 and please continue to pray for this ministry!