Food Pantry Ministry at Eden Westside Baptist Church:  Most of us think nothing of opening a refrigerator full of milk, lunchmeats, cheese, fresh veggies, and a whole collection of condiments and drinks. Or peeking in the kitchen cabinets to find four different kinds of cereals, three types of crackers, and a hefty stash of various canned soups and vegetables.

Food Pantry Ministry at Eden Westside

But not everyone can. Many people in our very community have bare cupboards and empty refrigerator shelves. Even for those who qualify for government assistance programs, it can take weeks to receive benefits. Often, these benefits programs provide just a few dollars a month, not even enough to fill a grocery cart per month.

Food Pantry Ministry at Eden Westside Baptist Church: Most of us think nothing of opening a refrigerator full of milk, lunchmeats, cheese, fresh veggies,

That’s why Eden Westside Baptist Church operates a Food Pantry. In our Food Pantry, local families who find themselves in need can get a few essential grocery items to carry them through the tough times. Every year, Eden Westside provides a week’s worth of groceries to about 300 families in our community. That means kids won’t go to school hungry and parents go to work fully nourished and able to perform their duties.

Bring Food Items Each Week to Stock Shelves for Needy Families

Supplying the Food Pantry with quality foods is a never-ending task. The Food Pantry exists solely on the generosity of our church members, who donate money and/or food items to stock our pantry. Families who come aren’t just treated to filling meals; they are also invited to hear and accept the Gospel of Jesus, and are offered the chance to feed spiritually, as well as physically, by coming to our church services.

Food Pantry is Available Because of Your Partnership

The Eden Westside Baptist Church Food Pantry is open every week, Tuesdays through Fridays, from 9 a.m. to noon and 1:30 to 4 p.m. We are continually in need of food and money donations, so please consider contributing. To donate monetarily, please mark your envelope “Food Pantry” before placing it in the offering plate. Bring any food donations to Building C, right next to the sanctuary at our Eden Campus or bring to your Life Discovery Class at our Leeds River Campus and Brother Scotty will take care of delivering it to the Food Pantry.

Could Food Pantry Be Your Place to Serve?

For questions, to donate, or to volunteer to help families who come to the Food Pantry, please contact the head of our Care Ministries, Scotty Pinson, at extension 229 or contact our church office at 205.338.7711.