Getting involved in the Eden Westside family is quite easy.  Just follow these simple steps:

Choose a Worship Service

Our purpose on earth is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever.  But what does that mean practically? It means worship (John 4:23-24).  Worship is an attitude and a posture of life. It is the perpetual praise and thanksgiving to God Almighty.  Whether at work, at play, or at home with family, our lives need to exhibit an attitude of worship, praise, and thanksgiving.  EWS Baptist offers a variety of worship styles that welcome everyone from every walk of life, young and old alike.

Choose a Life Discovery Class

Life Discovery is a the heart of everything we do in the EWS Baptist family.  From the nursery and preschool ministries, where children first receive a glimpse of God's great love for them, to our adult ministries, where like-minded individuals discover how God's Word is applied in daily living. Life Discovery is foundational to all we do in this exciting fellowship.

Volunteer to Serve

Getting involved at Eden Westside through volunteering in one of our ministries is a great way to meet others who have a heart for service.  You will also learn more about many ministries of our church that serve not only our church family but also our community.  Check out the servant opportunities available for you in the EWS family.

Embrace The Vision

Getting involved in Embrace The Vision is open to all EWS members.  You can learn more about how this program has helped build our Church and how you can contribute.