Good Shepherd Ministries The Hope of Christmas For Haiti 2016

Through the annual Christmas Bag ministry, we are working together with GSM to bring The Hope of Christmas to children and adults in the impoverished country of Haiti. The goal is to provide for the over 1600 children attending the three schools administered by GSM, as well as for all of the Haitian teachers and staff. As GSM exceeds their goal, they will share The Hope of Christmas throughout the   surrounding villages until all the bags are shared.

  • take as many of the 2 gal heavy duty zip-lock bags asHaiti Picture1
  • you would like to supply
  •  use the shopping list provided by GSM to fill your bag
  •  write boy, girl, man, or woman on your bag
  •  be sure your bag is full
  •  give $6 per bag to our Christmas Bag coordinator
  • for shipping and related expenses.
  •  return completed bags by Aug 28 or Sept 18


Good Shepherd Ministries Christmas Bag Shopping Recommendations

When supplying your Christmas bag, remember…

The culture, wants and needs of the Haitian children are very different from ours.  This list, provided by GSM, takes all these things into consideration. You can’t go wrong if you stick with our list.  These suggestions are for both girls and boys. If you go beyond the list, use good judgement. Knives, toy guns, super hero/action figures and similar items that may communicate a spirit of violence, fear, or ungodliness should not be    included. And no used articles. Thanks!

IMPORTANT PACKING NOTES: fill the bag completely—don’t include anything that might melt (like chocolate) or break ad spill (no liquids) – use a permanent marker to mark the bag boy or girl—give $6 per bag to your leader for shipping expenses—No money in bags—Thanks!

GSM Recommendations…priority items marked with *

  • Meat in foil pouches*Haiti Picture2
  • ruler
  • small toys
  • dominos
  • jacks & balls
  • Dried beans*
  • pencils
  • marbles
  • checkers
  • yo-yo
  • Rice*
  • mirror
  • notebook
  • paper
  • slinky
  • beanie baby
  • Washcloth*
  • socks*
  • jump rope
  • sunglasses
  • small toys
  • Underwear*
  • toothbrush*
  • wrapped hard candy
  • notebook
  • watch

Hope for Haiti pg 2-half