Press Release For Immediate Release: Eden Westside Offers All-New In the Womb Parenthood Preparation Class.

Pell City, AL — As any seasoned mom or dad can tell you, the process of parenting doesn’t begin at birth. It actually starts at the moment you find out you’re expecting! From healthy eating and safe exercise to all those deep, philosophical questions — expectant parents, especially moms, have tons of questions. The wonder and amazement and, at times, confusion, last throughout the pregnancy, and continue long after the child has grown up and forged out on their own.

This is a confusing time to be a parent, especially one who’s brand new to the game. Hot-button issues like breastfeeding, vaccinations, choosing a doctor, and understanding dad’s responsibilities — these questions are serious, and have lasting impacts on both you and your unborn child.

In the Womb Parenthood Preparation Class

Fortunately, you can get guidance, and you don’t have to wait until your baby is born to begin asking the tough questions and finding the right answers! You can begin learning and making the right decisions for you and your child now, so that when your precious little one gets here, you have the confidence and assurance you need to get this parenting thing started right.

In the ‘In the Womb Parenthood Preparation Classes’, you will learn:

• What is a healthy diet during pregnancy?
• Is exercise safe? What kinds and how much?
• How does sound affect my baby in the womb?
• What can I do to have a safe, healthy labor and delivery?
• What should the baby’s daddy’s role in all this be?
• What can I do if my baby cries a lot?
• Many other helpful insights for the parent-to-be.

Register for In the Womb Parenthood Preparation Class

Eden Westside Offers All-New In the Womb Parenthood Preparation Class in Pell City Alabama | 13-week prenatal classes at 5:00 PM Sundays, March 4-May 27, 2018 at Eden Westside Baptist Church. In the Womb Parenthood Preparation Classes are free and free childcare activities are available.

This incredibly powerful class is a 13-week series, beginning Sunday, March 4 at 5 p.m. These 1-hour classes are open to all expectant parents in the community. There is no cost to attend, and childcare will be provided at no charge for parents who have other babies or children. While you learn about how to have a healthy pregnancy, delivery, and infancy from two highly experienced prenatal and childcare professionals, your kids will be treated to games, lessons, and other fun, age-appropriate activities.

Register Now for In the Womb Parenthood Preparation Class

Classes are held at the Eden Westside Baptist Church Eden Campus in Building D, otherwise known as the gym located at 223 Wolf Creek Road North, Pell City, Alabama  35125. When you arrive at our Eden Campus, you can park towards the rear of the parking lot, and enter under the awning of the last building on your left. You’ll see “Equipping Center” written across the front of the building. Signs and information will be available when you arrive.

You can register now by clicking on this link: Register for In the Womb Parenthood Preparation Classes (Prenatal)

We look forward to seeing you there!