Kitchen Ministry: A Culinary Calling – Folks at Eden Westside hear Brother Jacky talk a lot about getting “plugged in.” Church people are supposed to find a way to serve, but what can you do? Many church members think serving means you have to sing or play an instrument. Others believe it’s limited to teaching a class or volunteering in the nursery. But serving our Lord at EWBC can be as easy as handing someone a cheeseburger!

Kitchen Ministry: A Culinary Calling - Folks at Eden Westside hear Brother Jacky talk a lot about getting "plugged in." Church people are supposed to find

The Eden Westside Baptist Church Kitchen Ministry is made up of people just like you. We have families and jobs and yards to mow, and it just isn’t possible for us to participate in some of the ministries that involve too much time or a specific talent. You can volunteer when you can — and don’t have to worry about making an ongoing commitment or working too many hours per week.

Better yet, if you can bake a cake from a mix or boil veggies on the stove, you have all the culinary talent and skill needed to help in the kitchen! Are you the kind who manages to burn ready-made rolls? That’s okay too! We can use folks to help wash dishes, mop the floor, and serve the food.

The kitchen ministry is an active part of Eden Westside, working diligently at both the Eden and River Campuses. Our work includes serving our local first responders at Breakfast for the Brave. We also cook and serve the entire church body each Wednesday before Bible Study at our Eden Campus, and we regularly pamper our hardworking and dedicated church staff when they are unable to leave the campus for a healthy, affordable lunch. Throughout the year, we also prepare and serve a variety of fun church activities, including Lamplighters’ monthly luncheons for senior adults, Valentine’s Dinners, New Member dinners, Power Lunch and lots more!

Whether you’re willing to take out the trash a few times a month or want to volunteer your services manning the ovens and filling tea pitchers — we can use you!  Get in touch with Darlene Lindsey, our Kitchen Coordinator, or any of our kitchen ministry volunteers, including Mary and Kathy Grimes, Christy Dunaway or contact our church office at 205.338.7711.