Jacky Connell-w50w50Hello Eden Westside Church Family,

What an EXCITING time it is to a part of Eden Westside Baptist Church. God is doing INCREDIBLE things. I am telling you as the Senior Pastor of Eden Westside.  I am SOOOOOO excited. Have you ever been at a place in your life where you felt like something great is going to happen? Well that is where I am. I feel in my heart that something great is about to happen. Not to discount all the great things that have happened but it is just that special something that I believe God is about to take us to another level and I am so excited. If you have been hanging around here for the last few months, I bet you feel the same way. As I have talked with people and people have shared with me, it is almost as if the sense of expectancy is contagious. God is doing great things and I thank Him for that.

We had a GREAT day last Sunday! We want to welcome all the new members, Bobby and Ashley Watry, Tucker Thrasher, Amanda Schuffert, Poppy Cooper, Shanda Adamson, Maddie Garrett and Donna Ramsey. It was an exciting Sunday morning at the 8:10 and the 11:00 services and at both campuses. WOW! It is amazing. And what about all the new people showing up. We are looking out and seeing new faces and people who haven’t been here in a while are coming back. How exciting is that! We are seeing members that were members here two and three years ago coming back and saying “we are home.” Thank God for that! It is SO encouraging!

What about Sunday night! I don’t know that have the adequate words to describe Sunday night! It was absolutely incredible! It was a BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL service. The worship was unbelievable. People were engaging and the atmosphere was electrifying. If you were here you know what I am talking about. Sunday night was PHENOMENAL. Thank God for all He is doing on Sunday Nights.

God is doing so many miraculous things here from our Preschool department all the way through our Senior Adults. Supernaturally, God has provided financially for us to be able have an INCREDIBLE face lift in the entry way of Building D and our Preschool department in memory of Ray Martin.
WOW! God is doing great things and I truly believe we are about to experience a real breakthrough.

Don’t forget Sunday is a very special day! It is “Bring a Friend a to Life Discovery” day. I am telling you, I expect Sunday to be a STELLAR day. It is going to be an exciting time as people are inviting new people to come. Sunday should be a record breaking day!

This Sunday, I also start a NEW teaching series, “Sin”. It is going to be an exciting journey as we learn about what it is, where it came from, who has sinned, the consequences of sin and the solution over the next four weeks. We invite you to come and invite a friend to join us on Sunday mornings so we can learn together.

God is at work at Eden Westside Baptist Church.

God bless you,
Bro. Jacky