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A Note From Your Pastor…..

Hello Eden Westside Baptist Church Family,

God has blessed us again with another WONDERFUL WONDERFUL week. Last weekend, was a jammed packed full of God doing a work among his people here at Eden Westside. Saturday was an OUTSTANDING day. We had the Upward Flag Football and Cheerleading Tailgate party on the mountain. We had tons of children and their families, and volunteers, including children, students and adults. There was an INCREDIBLE buzz here at the Eden Campus. Simultaneously, we had a wonderful outreach at the River Campus and our Children’s ministry hosted a Bible Club at General Lee Campground. WOW! God is doing a great work among us. Did you hear me that was just Saturday! Sunday, we had a wonderful day for a holiday weekend. We had tremendous crowds. The services were filled up, God moved in a VERY special way. The altars at both campuses were very active and we want to welcome our new members, Robert L. Calhoun, Jr. and James Johnson. Sunday night is beginning to shape up to be my favorite services here at Eden Westside. The only thing I can say is that you NEED to attend Sunday night. You will see the format has changed. The way we are doing somethings has changed and it is so refreshing. People are engaging, their attending, bringing their Bibles and writing notes. I see tremendous growth among our people and there seems to be a fresh fellowship connection going on on Sunday night.

Wednesday night, God is doing a great work. I am just going to say you need to come on Wednesday night and there is some real heavy stuff we are in on 1st Corinthians.

I am celebrating the MIC class this past Wednesday! I am so excited there were six people in the new member class.

God has blessed us again with another EXCITING week! Now fast forward to this coming Sunday. This coming Sunday is going to be another GREAT Sunday. The Fourth of July holidays are over and behind us, now is a great time to just gear up for this coming Sunday, by preparing your heart and your mind to receive the Word of God and also inviting a friend to come and get connected with us Sunday morning.

I look forward to seeing you and your new friend this coming Sunday. I can’t wait to see what God is going to do!

God is at work at Eden Westside Baptist Church.

God bless you,

Bro. Jacky