A Note From Your Pastor…..Jacky Connell-w50w50

Hello Eden Westside Baptist Church Family,

What a blessing it is to be a part of a church where God is REALLY at work. Sunday morning, we started the new sermon series, “Protecting Your Mind.” We saw God work in MIRACULOUS ways. The altars were filled up in both services. Sunday night was INCREDIBLE. We are reading through the Book of Revelation during the month of October. Bro. Rick Earnest and Bro. David Veasey read chapters one through 6. What a beautiful experience it is to be in the sanctuary as the word of God is simply but powerfully being read. God just moved in a special way.

I want to welcome the new members to our church family, Jeran Arant, Heaven Arant, Cade Martin and Katelynn Arant.  Then Wednesday night came! Oh my goodness, bible study was PHENOMENAL! Ten minutes into bible study three ladies slipped out. In the hall, one of the ladies, on her knees crying, asked Jesus into her heart. When they came back into bible study, we were able to celebrate with Cody and pray for she and Deidre Pruitt, who has agreed to disciple Cody through Each One Reach One.

God is doing so many great things. I encourage you to be thankful to Him, committed to Him and your church.  As we come into this weekend, I will be preaching on Treachery, Personal Sabotage. I invite you to come and bring a friend. We believe God is going to be doing wonderful things this Sunday.

In the middle of all the great things God is doing on Sundays and Wednesdays, we are blessed to have the opportunity to do Revelation Walk. Saturday, we had 29 rededications and 5 salvations on opening night! Isn’t God good! Now as we look forward to this Saturday night we are going to have a WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL night. The reservations are growing each and every day. The numbers are getting larger and larger. We are expecting God to do incredible things in and through the ministry of Revelation Walk. Please be praying for everybody that is serving. It is a demanding month but a rewarding one. I personally want to thank the people that give their life away all through the month of October and then I see their smiling faces showing up on Sundays with excitement and enthusiasm to serve the Lord on His day.

Also, I am asking you to pray for Haiti as they have been hit with another natural disaster this week. We have many friends in Haiti. Especially, pray for our friends in Les Cayes.
To God be the glory! Great things He is doing at our church!

God is at work at Eden Westside Baptist Church.

God bless you,
Bro. Jacky