So what is “Each One, Reach One”?  Glad you asked!  This our church’s one-on-one discipleship program. Several  years ago, God laid this plan on our Pastor’s heart, to find a better way to disciple people.   From what was in his heart, some testing and evaluating, and some tweaks along the way have given us  “Each One, Reach One”.  I’m probably a little partial since some of my hard work is in that little black book, but I really believe that it is the best tool for helping someone grow in their walk with the Lord.

“Each One, Reach One” is 52 weeks of 20 minute talks.  Each week takes a look at a topic from the perspective of a person that has no background in church.  We don’t use big words like “Sanctification” unless we define it for you.  So even a newly saved person can do “Each One, Reach One” with their family.  This takes all the fear away that people sometimes have about church stuff.  We all wonder if we know enough to be any use to someone.  If you can read and speak, you can do “Each One, Reach One”.

In the next several weeks, I look forward to sharing more about “Each One, Reach One” with you.  In the meantime, send me your stories, questions, and thoughts about “Each One, Reach One” @

Grace and Peace,


Stephanie Newton is the Education Director for Eden Westside Baptist Church located at 223 Wolf Creek Road North, Pell City, Alabama  35125.