Painkillers Video Devotions: Hey Eden Westside! My name is Stephanie Newton, and I am so blessed to be the leader of our small groups for adults (both LIFE Discovery and Disciple U). I get to spend my time caring for people and teaching others how to care for people. The role of the church is to lead people to a relationship with the Lord Jesus, and disciple them so that they can be transformed into someone who looks, acts, and speaks like Him. We have found that so many of us have tremendous hurts, and Eden Westside is called to be a church that facilitates restoration. Church, we are blessed to be entrusted with this awesome privilege. We work on the Lord’s behalf! To quote our Pastor, “WOW, we GET to do this together!”

Painkillers Video Devotions

That’s why I am so so so so excited about Pastor’s new sermon series “PAINKILLERS”. So many of us look for ways to numb or kill our pain. We have to take our pain to the One who can heal us. Each week, Pastor will be exploring a different way that we try to “kill” our pain. We want to keep his message in your mind and heart all week long, so our team has been preparing since May to this series. One part that I am so excited about is our VIDEO DEVOTIONAL SERIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For the first time ever, we are producing a 3 to 5 minute video devotional series, Monday through Friday, so that you can keep interacting with the sermon’s content ALL WEEK LONG! It is our team’s prayer that you will find healing, and that you will help someone else find healing as you engage in the topic for 5 additional days past Sunday.

We need your help to spread the word. Here’s what we would LOVE for you to do:

1. Log on to our website -or- our YouTube page (Eden Westside Baptist Church) on Monday, September 18th. Watch the video! (YouTubers: Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE to keep those notifications coming each day.) There will be a new video each day, Monday through Friday through the sermon series.

2. We want you to share, share, share, these Video Devotionals and the sermon series on your social media. Look for links on the church’s Facebook page, the share button on YouTube, etc. Please post them to your feeds, and let all your followers and friends connect with us. You never know what kind of miracle God may make in someone’s life all because you shared.

3. We want you to PRAY. Pray for restoration. Pray that the sermon series sets many people free from the bondage of pain. Pray that the video devotional series encourages many people who might not walk into our church, to encounter the Lord today. Agree with our team in prayer that God is able and willing to do a miracle in the life of each person who comes in contact with the PAINKILLERS series. We are believing on Him for great things.

Painkillers Video Devotions

Our church family is such an encouragement to the Servant Team. You are so faithful to help in so many ways. Thank you for loving us and for loving others as you share what God is doing at the exciting Eden Westside…you know, it really is such an exciting place to be, because the Lord is always at work here!

Grace and Peace,

PAINKILLERS: real pain, real people, real Jesus

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