Power Lunch Motivation Workshop:  What is it?  More than 200 years ago, Ben Franklin began researching and analyzing the habits that make some people more successful and effective than others, both in business and in life. He noticed, for example, that successful people tended to spend their time better than the average folk. They tend to be proactive about reaching their goals, they are excellent at prioritizing their activities and efforts, and they don’t spend all their time working. They make time for hobbies, family life, and exercise — including mental, physical, and spiritual exercise.

Join us for Power Lunch the 4th Wednesday of every month! Come learn how to motivate people in the work place and what it takes to become a | 205.338.7711

From the writings of Ben Franklin, Stephen Covey developed his research even further, identifying seven habits that can be attributed to the most successful people. Covey went on to develop one of the most successful self-help and time-management programs of all time; the Franklin Covey system has been used by executives all over the world, including the founders and top executives of most of the Fortune 500 companies.

One thing that most highly effective and resoundingly successful people do is to take time to improve themselves. They work on their leadership skills. They listen to other successful leaders and glean insight from their knowledge and experience. They also get away from the office occasionally to spend sometime refreshing their minds, their bodies, and their spirits.

That is exactly what Power Lunch Motivation Workshop is all about. Each month from January through October, business professionals can take a break from the grind and enjoy a relaxing lunch and an uplifting, encouraging, and informative learning session, which you’ll leave refreshed and ready to achieve. Power Lunch opens with a delicious meal, prepared by the kitchen staff, which includes an entre, two side dishes, a dessert, and drink — all for just an $8 donation. After the meal, you’ll be treated to a session of professional development and leadership training offered by businessman and pastor, Jacky Connell.

Power Lunch Motivation Workshop is held on the 4th Wednesday of each month (January through October) in the Fellowship Hall of Eden Westside Baptist Church.  Please call Denise Miller at (205) 338-7711 to make reservations, and don’t forget to bring a friend! Power Lunch is held at our Eden Campus at 223 Wolf Creek Road North in Pell City, Alabama, just minutes off I-20.