Revelation Walk is a drama that presents the Book of Revelation, so people can understand it and draws big crowds each year with thousands of  guests from a wide geographical area.

Along the Revelation Walk path, dramatic scenes portray the most important issue we face-life and death. By experiencing Revelation Walk, you can discover what the Bible says about those who reject Jesus and those who believe in Him. A world of chaos, confusion, and intense evil? Experience Revelation Walk and see for yourself!

Revelation Walk is held on a mountain behind Eden Westside Baptist Church, 223 Wolf Creek Road North, Pell City and includes:

  • An interactive dramatization of the end of time as we know it
  • Graphic portrayal in over 15 outdoor scenes
  • Those who have rejected Jesus are left in a world of chaos, confusion and intense assault as evil reigns

To make reservations or get more information about Revelation Walk, please call 205.338.7711.

Advance tickets of $10 donation each recommended.  Walking shoes recommended and not recommended for children under 10 years of age.  Concessions and T-shirts are available for purchase.


Revelation Walk 2016 Eden Westside Baptist Church Pell City Alabama | 205.338.7711

The Revelation Walk production takes hundreds of church volunteers to make it a success. Church volunteers consist of not only actors and actresses, but also guides, parking attendants, security, ticket sales, counseling and concessions and it is our biggest ministry of our church.

If you would like to volunteer to work on a Revelation Walk team, please contact us at 205.338.7711.