The Daniel Fast Quick Start Guide

Sometimes you are so hungry,
the only way to be fed is to fast.

The Daniel Fast - Eden Westside Baptist Church Pell City Alabama

 -Susan Gregory


The Daniel Fast is based on Jewish fasting principles and the experiences of the prophet in Daniel 1 and Daniel 10. In Daniel 1:12, we read Daniel’s request to the steward, “Prove thy servants, I beseech thee, ten days; and let them give us pulse to eat, and water to drink” KJV. “Pulse” is food that grows from seeds, including legumes (beans) and fruit. Daniel also requested that they drink only water. The Daniel Fast is similar to a vegan diet, totally plant-based, with no animal products. This includes no fish, dairy, or eggs. In Daniel 10:3, we learn that Daniel also abstained from “precious” or “pleasant” foods. Because of that, we abstain from all sweeteners, leavening agents, and stimulants like caffeine. We also avoid man-made chemicals, preservatives, and processed foods.

The Daniel Fast Quick Start Guide


It’s like going on vacation! You make plans to go on vacation---everything from where to stay to where to pack. The Daniel Fast is the same way. Prepare by praying and seeking God’s will discerning the fast. Prepare by reading the Daniel Fast book by Susan Gregory, and looking at the website ( Prepare by weaning yourself off caffeine, fast food, and sugar— NOW. Prepare by practicing a few of the recipes.

Prepare by stocking your fridge and cabinets with lovely fresh food!


  • All fruits—fresh, frozen, canned, juiced, or dried
  • All vegetables— fresh, frozen, canned, juiced, or dried (including red, white, yellow, and sweet potatoes)
  • All whole grains—-barley, brown rice, corn flour, cornmeal, grits, millet, oat bran, oats, popcorn, quinoa, rice cakes, wheat germ, whole wheat pasta and tortillas
  • All nuts and seeds—-including peanut butter and nut butters
  • All Legumes (beans)—- fresh, frozen, canned, or dried
  • Oil—-canola, grape seed, olive, peanut, and sesame
  • Soy foods—-like Tofu, TVP, and veggie burgers
  • Condiments—-adobo sauce, cilantro, herbs, mustard, salt, seasonings, spices, and vegetable broth
  • Water!


Included in “The Daniel Fast” book is a 21 day devotional. Use the devotionals to help focus your mind and still your heart on the reason why we are fasting. Enjoy the food, enjoy the freshness of whole food lovingly provided by the Father. You may find that you need a little more sleep than you normally do, so go to bed a little earlier.


We are going on the Daniel Fast as a church for a time of New Beginnings in our church. We believe that as we have been faithful to honor God in praying for the lost each 3rd Sunday night, that He has been and will be faithful to honor us with leading people to a relationship with Him. We believe that the church is going to experience an influx of laborers: both our people will rise to leadership and service, and God will draw other believers here to lead and serve as well. We believe that this will be an unprecedented year at Eden Westside!

As you fast, pray with us for those three things---

a year of harvest
a year of new beginnings
a year of service

The Daniel Fast - Eden Westside Baptist Church Pell City Alabama

Our prayer for you is to be so hungry to see
what God will do,
that the only way to be fed, is to fast!